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You're invited to watch BPS's Instagram Live On How To Pack Greener

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Don't Know How To Choose From Varieties of ECO Packaging?

 We are holding an Instagram live on Jul 8th, 5:00 PM (China Time Zone) for friends and customers of Best Packaging Solutions (BPS).
 Jump on to hear how Sustainable Packaging can be a commercially viable option for your product!
 We will talk about the key considerations when making the decision, provide packaging technical tips and answer frequently asked questions.


Main Topics

· Plastic Free Pouch Solution
· Recyclable Pouch Solution
· Plastic Saving Pouch Solution

When & Where

When: July 8th, 5:00 PM (China Time Zone)
Where: BPS's Instagram Account "eastwestpackaging"
(Click the link or click below button to follow us at Instagram!)

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