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Best Coffee Packaging Bag Style - Flat Bottom Pouch

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A good coffee can never come without a good package.
A good coffee packaging bag not only can keep your coffee fresh but also can attract people with classy design.


Flat bottom pouch - the Best Coffee Packaging Style


When it comes to coffee packaging, there are various pouch styles available: stand up pouch, side gusset pouch, flat pouch and flat bottom pouch. 
Flat bottom pouch, combining the features of stand up pouch and side gusset pouch, has been the most popular and innovative coffee packaging style on the market in recent years. 
Its unique design and user-friendly feature have gained great favor from different industries. So why Flat Bottom Pouch has been so popular? What are the attractive points of flat bottom pouch?

Let’s take a look at some major characteristics:

Characteristic 1:


One of the unique and creative pouch styles, flat bottom pouch makes your product nicely stand out from the shelf. 

Characteristic 2:
Flat bottom pouch provides convenience for reseal, easy to open & close. 
Various reclosure options are available for your option:
- Resealable zipper
- Pocket zipper
- Tin Tie

Characteristic 3:


Marketing friendly advantages - 5 sides are available for printing! So fully printed flat bottom pouch can better showcase the selling points of your product on the market. 


Characteristic 4:


Convenient shipping and space-saving in high volume.

With all these characteristics being said, a nicely selected and designed coffee packaging bag not only protects your coffee well and fresh but also showcases the best sides of your brand so as to attract consumers. 
No reason for you not to choose the best packaging for your best coffee! 


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